Swim in my waters

Sometimes I think that the ‘rockstar’ Christians tend to lose the whole point that we need God. Since their whole job is to supply us with answers, they forget sometimes that they don’t need to have an answer for everything. God is too big for us, and His ways are mysterious to us.

Has Pat Robertson tried to answer every question to the point where He isn’t getting lost in the mystery of who God is anymore? Can he not feel compassion for people other than ‘legitimate Christians’? He has to explain it away with hateful words?

What is wrong with just feeling sad for the people of Haiti? Feel pain, cry out to God. Gosh it’s okay to do that you know? A huge part of Psalms are all laments to God. “Why is this happening God?! What is going on?!”

Mr. Robertson, I truly believe that you love and want to serve our God. But I think you missed your own goal saying those words today. You don’t need to control everything, in fact God tells us to forget about that. Give it to Him. God is here. God loves you. That’s what He is all about. Not punishing some tribe that may have made a pact with the devil. Not killing thousands of people who have turned their back on Him.

I’d also like you to read this.

Don’t say hateful things to anyone, especially not our brother Pat. May grace and peace fill your lives. We are humanity, and we are all aching to return to God. But, we cannot let our pain distract us from preparing ourselves for God’s return.


2 responses to “Swim in my waters”

  1. jazzyjillian says :

    It's like the Bible thumpers that preach in front of movie theater. They really want to preach the word but it turns more people away.

  2. nathan118 says :

    Yeah…Pat Robertson FAIL.

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